Eric Omondi and his girlfriend Lynne have finally unveiled the face of their daughter Princess Kyla Omondi.

Kyla was born on August 9 this year. She was conceived months after the couple suffered an unfortunate miscarriage.

Eric and Lynne, however,Β  decided to get creative in revealing their daughter’s face,Β  unlike other celebrities who usually introduce their children through photos or simple videos.

In their case, they decided to act something like an action movie.

The video, that was shared on Lynne’s YouTube channel, began with the couple seemingly being chased after. They would then seek refuge in a baby store titled Babyshop and pretend to be shopping.

Their shopping would also include their daughter whose price was Kshs50 million, a fee that they had previously announced for them to show off their daughter’s face.

After paying for the shopping they leave the store, while disguised, but they would then meet those who were chasing after them. The two individuals however fail to recognise them.

During the face reveal, the couple also revealed that Kyla is the brand ambassador of Baby shop. The shop sells baby items including clothes, feeders, baby strollers among other things.

“Hae guys, we present to you the brand ambassador Baby shop. Baby Kyla,” Eric said.

The video was recorded at Sarit center. The ambassadorial deal therefore answers the question of who paid the Kshs50 million for Kyla’s face to be revealed.

Their fans have gushed over the minor commenting on her looks.

“Such an adorable baby, congratulations, boss baby” a fan said.

“Aaaw abujubuju baby.😍😍 she’s so pretty and well fed,,good job mama Kyla,” said another.

“Erico’s look alike, mommy’s complexion Beautiful Kyla!” read another comment.

Previously, Eric had broken down the Kshs50 million fee, saying it was worth it because Kyla is his daughter.

β€œSh 5 million for her nose, Sh 13 million for her smile, and her eyes Sh 24 million,” the self proclaimed president of comedy in Africa said in an interview.

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