Mc Gogo’s attempt to introduce and reveal his girlfriend to the limelight at his own chosen time has backfired in his face.

This is after the internet sleuths discovered the identity of the anonymous lady rumored to be driving the talented Master of Ceremony crazy.

The internet detectives used their skills and discovered the mysterious curvy girl’s Instagram page.

The lady in question has been revealed only as Muthoni as this was her name on her social media accounts.

Minutes after her identity was made public by gossip blogs, netizens descended on her comment section each armed with their own opinions.

Muthoni seemingly could not handle the internet heat and pressure as she proceeded to deactivate her  Instagram accounts minutes later.

The whole drama started during the morning hours after the popular Mc took to his Instagram account to pen down a sweet birthday message to his anonymous lady.

The Mc professed his undying love for her stating that he could not wait for them to spend their lives together.

This took netizens aback, especially the females who never knew that the deep-voiced young man they all loved was already busy romantically.

Gogo further fueled the tension surrounding his relationship status by obscuring the lady’s face in the posted candid photo.

This did not seemingly sit well with internet sleuths who took to the comment section to declare that they would uncover her identity before midnight and alas they indeed did it!

Gogo has yet to address the whole saga but it has sparked different conversations in social circles including how far fans should go to find the truth about their favorite celebrities while ensuring that they do not break the celebrity’s boundaries.





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