Willy Paul

Just days after a publicized apology over sexual assault, Miss P and Willy Paul are ‘back together’.

The duo have raised eyebrows after Willy Paul published  photos of them getting cozy  with a controversial caption.

“Love you” he said in one post and in another ” grab it like you own it coz you own it.”

This got netizens talking including celebrities and here some of their reactions;

Chris Kirwa: Nothing Beats Make Up Sex🔥Inakuwanga Fire👊😎 Strong Mtu wangu

Breezylaboy: Msupa ni wako lakini rosecoco ni yetu

DJ Shiti Comedian:Sasa ni Hiiiit after hiiii. Naumweke kejani akuwe anakupikia soup ya kamongo…

VDJ Jones: Pampers zimepita thao

It however seems that Willy Paul and Miss P are working on a music project.  Willy Paul had hinted on that earlier saying it is going to be a movie.

“This Is a Movie… Ready For Pozze??”  the Kitanzi hitmaker said.

Months after quitting music and deleting her social media channels, Miss P recently came out to ask Willy Paul to forgive her for accusing him of sexual assault two years ago.

She said that she was not in the right state of mind when she made the allegations and hoped that she will patch up things with the Saldido record label owner.

While responding to her apology, Willy Paul said that he had forgiven her and will not be taking any legal action against her.

He added that he still loves her and will be willing to support her in whatever way he can.

“What Good Will Having Her Locked Up Do To Me? Absolutely Nothing. I Will Gain Nothing. Being A Good Man That I’ve Always Been, The Good Man That Most People Fail To See The Good In. I Have Decided To Forgive This Beautiful Soul. I Know It Cost Me Alot But If God Can Forgive Then Who I’m I Not To? If You Truly Understand The Word Of God Then You’ll Understand That There’s Even More Peace In Forgiveness,” part of his statement read.

Miss P’s new Instagram account describes her as an East African artist who is currently signed under Saldido.



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