A five year old boy from Samburu County is nursing serious injuries after a stray Hyena dragged him from their home to a nearby bush, severely mauling him.

According to eye witnesses, the aggressive hyena entered the little boy’s compound, walked into their house and came out dragging him away.

Luckily the toddler was rescued after neighbours heard his cries and quickly followed the hyena to snatch the boy off its jaws.

“Vile watu walisikia mtoto akilia wakafuata hiyo fisi na kwenda kuinyang’anya mtoto. Alikuwa amevunjika miguu, ameumwa kichwa. (When people heard the child scream, they followed the hyena to the bush and snatched the child from it . He suffered a broken leg and was  bitten on the head)” said a witness.

The boy was rushed to a hospital in Maralal where he is currently undergoing treatment.

Maralal residents complained of  constant attacks from wild animals. They told the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to restrain the wild animals saying they are threatening lives  of residents  as well as their source of livelihood. The annoyed residents threatened to kill any stray wild animal they come across if KWS fails to cage them properly.

“We are appealing to KWS to heighten patrols by ensuring that the wild animals live within their habitat because it is not fair when they invade villages and attack people,” said a local.

Recently there has been a rise in conflicts between humans and wild animals. This has been attributed to the increasing encroachment into forests.




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