Kiss FM presenter and Comedian Oga Obinna says that  male hairstylist, Johnny Hair designer, has up to Monday next week to apologize for linking him to homosexuality.

While sharing a letter of demand from his legal team, Obinna said that the hair stylist needs to retract his statement and offer a public apology failure to which he will be sued.

Obinna said that he will forgive Johnny on those conditions, adding that he will not sit back  and watch as people ruin his reputation.

“To whom it may concern,  Monday is the deadline. For now I just want a public apology and retraction of the statements and I’ll forgive. In court I’ll need evidence and if not available I’ll sue for all the damages caused. Hamtaniharibia jina na kazi hapa nje bure.💁‍♂️ Naona mnanizoea sana sasa,” Obinna said.

In the letter of demand, his lawyer said that Johnny’s statement subjected Obinna to insults and ridicule and has also seen him suffer financial loss.

The lawyer demands Johnny to retract his statement and admit liability for damages that Obinna had suffered.  Johnny is also required to commit himself to not repeat the same in future and to cease from defaming Obinna in any manner.

“In default thereof,  our client will have no option but to institute both criminal and civil proceedings against yourself,” part of the statement read.


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Johnny caused a stir online after claiming that he is in a romantic relationship with Obinna.


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