Georgina Njenga the ex girlfriend to machachari child superstar has talked about her nudes for the first time since they were leaked.

Njenga opened up on it during a live question and answer with her fans and followers.

A bold fan asked the mother of one how she managed to get through the tough situation and the actions taken if any against the perpetuator.

Njenga stated that she would not mention the person by name because probably that was their intent, to get her unstable and push her to rant on social media.

She revealed that she knew 3 years prior seeing that she had been threatened and blackmailed by the man in possesion of her pictures.

”I dont think I am in a comfortable place to say who coz probably that is what he wanted for me to go and rant and say it’s this person. The craziest thing is I knew,I knew for three years. He started threatened me in 2020 when we just exposed our relationship with Tyler. Ata haikumaliza likw two days.” she explained.

The content creator also spoke highly of her daughter’s father , Tyler Mbaya revealing that he is the one who broke the news to her.

”The one who found out first was him. Aliniambia twende rooftop alikua anakaa,unajua you can tell. To me I thought it was death. He sat me down and told me that he would be there for me .at that time, my grandmother was in the hospital so to me I thought it was death…and then now he told me and for a moment my heart stopped.” Njenga stated.

She explained that Mbaya assured her of his love and support and together with the love from family and friends especially her mother it was easier for her to navigate through the predicament.

”I was protected from what other people were saying completely because my mum  was supportive . She did not know about it but I called her and I told her.As long as Tyler was there for me,my close friends I think I was safe Nilikua naona there are people who love me.” the mother of one said.



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