Abel Mutua, a popular actor and husband to Judy Nyawira has come under fire online after Chebet Rono a popular comedian did an expose on him.

The female comedian revealed that Mutua was direct messaging her through her social media accounts.

The controversial content creator did the messy expose during a Twitter rant on Wednesday where she threatened to expose the messages sent to her by the father.

”Anyway If I release Abel Mutua’s DMs to me lfmaoooo” she wrote.

 Excited netizens flocked to the comment section to react to the sensitive tweet. Some blasted her for clout chasing while others fueled her to leak the messages.

”Talk is cheap. Just do it.”

”Uko sure kuhusu hii decision?coz if its a lie tutateremka na wewe vibaya sana.”

”Ata Rono ameshikwa na ugonjwa ya clout casing? sasa ukikua sued?” X users commented.

Abel Mutua was not the only celebrity who faced Rono’s wrath. The comedian also trolled popular actress ”Kate actress” accusing her of stealing her rich-themed auntie content.

”Kate actress just be stealing my content on a daily.” Rono wrote on her X account.

The actress got wind of Rono’s remarks and reacted to them by posting a candid photo of Auntie Jemmimah stating she was her inspiration and not Rono.

Focus has now shifted to Mutua as his fans and followers await to hear his response since he has not yet reacted to the accusations.

This is not the first time the comedian has blasted her fellow celebrities through her tweets.

Early last year she trolled celebrities among them Kate actress and popular podcaster Joan Melly.

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