Nigerian citizens have been incensed by Tanzanian music powerhouse Diamond Platinumz, where in his newly released single “Commando” he could be seen  mimicking   Burna Boy and Asake.

Online quarters  have protested against Diamond dubbing him a copy cat who lacks originality.

The self styled Bongo king is fond of sampling Nigerian Afro beat songs, which has caused a buzz and controversy online with Nigerians blasting him for lacking creativity.

In this trending video, he can be seen dressing like both Asake and Burna Boy while singing in his native tongue and at some point, he’s heard saying, “Omalicha”, which is Igbo.

Many Nigerians have called for Diamond Platnumz to be sued and arrested with immediate effect.

The controversial video has sparked a strong reaction from Nigerians, with many expressing their discontent on social media.

Some have called for immediate legal action against Diamond Platnumz, demanding his arrest for what they perceive as an infringement of intellectual property. Here are some of their comments;

@EmmexMr: Arrest him with immediate effect 😂”

@bugosnr : Sampled Burna with the Timbs.Sampled Seyi Vibez with the Background, dancers in white scarf. Sampled Asake with the music style. GOATed sampling 🔥

@swagzee_1 : But why the guy dey behave like upcoming??🤦🏾‍♂️

@dahnnysparrow : He has been getting away with it for a long time

@izunikky added: I love this guy so much, I knew he can’t compete with Nigeria artist so he jst wait for the hottest ones and copy them and next thing boom 💥 the whole east Africa is dancing to his tune.

In videos shared online, the singer is being put on the spot with some music fans claiming the singer has no inspiration for writing his music and always relies on Nigerian releases.

Previously he in a rejoinder against the sampling criticism he said that people were only jealous of music accomplishments.


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