42-year old Pierra Makena and 23-year old make-up Creative Phil sparked dating rumours earlier this year.

They would later convince netizens that they might have cemented their union after they were captured in wedding attires. Phil, in an interview also confirmed that they were dating, by referring to Pierra as his babe.

DJ Pierra has however come out to set the record straight, revealing that their romantic stunt was aimed at promoting Phil’s bridal shop, that he was launching then.

She denied claims of financing Phil, what many would call sugarmummy.

“You know what jazzes me is when people  think I am really rich,  I have got a lot of money which I don’t. Honestly I would love to have more money, so they think I am taking care of Phil, ati nimemueka, Mama wa G Wagon. So Phil is a very good friend of mine. We have known each other for years now.

“He is my boy, he is one of those people who , if right now Phil calls me I would show up, if I call him, he will show up we are those kind of friends. I support his  his businesses, he supports my work and when he was opening that bridal shop I was like what do we need to do to bring traffic to your shop?I was like let’s do a content that will trend and then bring attention to  that and it did and he’s selling very well,” she said in an interview with Mungai Eve.

Pierra added that she would have been smitten with Phil if they were age mates.

“Phil is so cute and if I was his age, an age younger than him I will definitely  be running after him but right now I really like my men grown,” she affirmed.

Pierra also did not directly confirm whether she is currently in a relationship, saying that she wouldn’t want to publicise that part of her life.

“I believe I am only in a serious relationship or am taken if I am married so I haven’t found the one to marry me that means that I am very much available. I just don’t want to lock out my real man probably am here dating someone who is not call,” the mother of one said.



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