In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded at a hospital in Kayole, Nairobi, a mother’s joyous moment of giving birth to twins was destructed by the abduction of one of her newborns.

The distressing episode left the mother grappling with unanswered questions and an overwhelming sense of despair.

The mother’s ordeal began when she arrived at the Kayole hospital to deliver her twins. After undergoing a Cesarean section, she was handed only one of her newborns, and when she inquired about the second twin’s whereabouts, hospital staff reportedly gave vague responses.

The mother, who remains unnamed, narrated her harrowing experience, saying, “Venye nlikuwa nakuja hii hosi nlikuwa nimebeba ma twins, time ya kuenda CS wakanipea mtoto mmoja kuwauliza mtoto mwingine ako wapi hawataki kunipea mtoto, daktari akaniambia wanaendelea kumpanguza, sasa ikabidi nimepigia mum nikapata ako mteja nikapigia aunty yangu mwenye ako pipeline akakuja, venye alikuja ndo wakaanza kusema hakuna mtoto hio time nlikuwa naenda CS kulikuwa na watu watatu na mwanamke hakuwa amevaa uniform.”

Desperate for answers, the mother reached out to her family, including her mother and aunt, who rushed to the hospital. It was during their presence that the hospital staff revealed the shocking news that her second child was missing. This revelation sent shockwaves through the family as they had expected a day of joy and celebration.

Notably, one of the individuals involved was not wearing a hospital uniform, further adding to the confusion and suspicion surrounding the incident.

Local law enforcement has been alerted to the situation, and an investigation into the abduction is underway. The family, along with the broader community, is anxiously awaiting answers and hoping for the safe return of the missing twin.


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The incident has caused an uproar among Kenyans as they demanded to know the name of the hospital. Others have since advised expectant mothers to go to hospitals in company of their loved ones.

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