If you are a christian you must have come across pastor Harrison Ng’ang’a at some point. He is bishop and the founder of Christ foundation fellowship ministry which is among the most popular churches in Kenya.

He is known for telling the truth according to the bible without fear of implications or trolls from Kenyans.

Recently, Bishop Ng’ang’a has stirred Kenyans after  cautioning men who shave their heads clean. Footage from one of his sermons depicted the preacher instructing his congregants on what they should do with their hair.

“Men, we have been instructed not to have long hair. However, it should not be shaved cleanly. Hatuwezi kata nywele yote tukae kama nyungu (we can’t cut all our hair and end up looking like pots) because only women are allowed to do it,”  Ng’ang’a said amidst chuckles from his congregation.

“The homes of all men with clean-shaven heads start being destroyed. They will start complaining that they don’t have money for rent,” he added.

Ng’ang’a then went ahead and claimed that men who shave cleanly disobey God, and He punishes them. According to him, they defy God’s divine authority. However, most social media users were unconvinced by the sermon, as others poked fun at bald men.

a.mvibezz: “The brainwashing.”

mofat_ke: “It is in the Bible.”

yetherealchris_calix: “Can someone tag Sauti Sol’s Bien? It seems he blocked me.”

cyrillo.anthemist: “How will bad men survive?”

alvin_mutua: “Wueh, he has confused me.”

Brandprintkenya: “It seems he is overthinking Samson and Delilah’s story.”

Apart from all the reactions his sermon generated from netizens, some of his congregates supported his though process with them quoting the holy book  Ezekiel 44:20 which says that “they should not shave their heads or let their hair grow, but they are to keep the hair of their heads trimmed.”


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