Nicholas Kioko’s wife Wambo Ashley has revealed that she stopped breastfeeding her twins exclusively even before they turned 6 months old.

While responding to questions from her fans,  the 21 year old said that the twins refused breast milk, something that got her stressed.

Her doctor however told her the occurrence is normal.

“No, I don’t breast feeding. Watoto wangu, Rommy ndio alianza kukataa nyonyo at 4 months. Rommy akaendela naye at 5 months akataa kunyonya. We explained to the doctor. The doctor told us that some children refuse to breastfeed. Juu mimi hio kitu ilikuwa inanshtua. Tulienda clinic nikaona Dr. Nyamu nikamwambia wanakataa kunyonya  akaniambia ni juu wamezoea formula wanataka hio maziwa ya haraka haraka yenye wanaona kwa mnyonYi. Akaniambia its normal sahi hawabreastfeed, wanAkula, wanakunywa formula,” she said.

She further said that her milk supply was not enough to satisfy the infants and that’s why she resorted to using baby formula early enough.

“Actually they used to breastfeed at night only. I also wasn’t at home during daytime most of the time. I was willing to breastfeed them up to one and a half years. They refused themselves,” the content creator said.

At the same time she spoke about unveiling the twins faces. Wambo said that  they had planned to reveal their faces this month but they got sick. The twins have now recovered and they will be going for a photoshoot soon ahead of the reveal.


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She further noted that she wants to finish giving birth in her 20s so that when she gets to thirty she just enjoys her liuef to the fullest.

“You are already asking for the second born, is it second or third? It’s third born, Kioko says that we have to get a baby girl. Maybe after five years, but I feel like I wabt to give birth once and for all,” she said



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