Content creators Nicholas Kioko and her model girlfriend Ashley Wambo  are appealing  to Kenyans to follow their sons Instagram page.

The two through separate Instagram post want Kenyans to show some love by following their twin sons Roman Reigns and Leo the great and increase the followers to ten thousand from the current two thousand.

The Rom Twins father, Nicholas Kioko revealed that once the followers hit the 10k mark they will then reveal the faces of their twins something which many Kenyans have been waiting.

”Tufike 10k tufanye face reveal” Kioko wrote on his Instagram stories.

Ashley Wambo on the other side also made the request revealing that they lost their sons previous Instagram account which in return prompted them to open anew one.

”We lost ROMS Instagram accounts so we had to open another one for them follow Rom_twins,

Imagine we only we only need 8k of you to follow rom twins we do the face reveal tukimbie huko She added.


Ashley and Kioko’s twin sons are turning 6 months in a weeks time.

Kioko and Asshkey Wambo revealed that they were blessed with boy twins in February.

“Baby Roman Lee (2.6kgs) & Rommy Reign (2.5kgs) born on 8th February 2023 at 6:24 p.m. & 6:25 p.m, respectively,” Kioko wrote on Instagram.




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