Rapper Khaligraph Jones has been trending on the internet since he decided to pose a rap challenge against Tanzanian Musicians.

The rapper told Tanzanians that their rapping skills were so  low. He threatened to take over the industry in Tanzania if they fail to do something about it

“TZ rap was dead except for Lunya, Mex and a few others. The rest are doing amapiano, record diss tracks before attack everyone na msnijibu na amapiano,24 hrs kama mnajiamini, failure to which I will come and launch an attack and I will come and take over the whole Tanzanian rap industry and I will be the best rapper in Tanzania just like I am in Kenya and in Nigeria,” Khaligraph said.

The statement attracted wild reactions from Tanzanians, who did not cease from attacking him in different manners including releasing diss tracks. Kenyans however stood with Khaligraph and further challenged Tanzanian rappers.

Following the heated exchange, Khaligraph has swallowed a humble pie and apologized to Tanzanian. In a recent interview with Wasafi, the rapper says that his statement was taken out of context.

“Blogger ni blogger. Blogger lazima atafute news ambayo itauza kabisa. In that aspect kulikuwa na mazungumzo yalikuwa yanaendelea, statement yangu imetolewa out of context kidogo. For the longest time, watanzania in terms of music we can never discredit the fact that music yenu imekuwa superior kidogo in general.

“Hata kwenye mimi mwenyewe niliona iyo interview venye imekatwa, sikuskia vizuri yaani, niliona imeniweka kwa picha mbaya nikasema ah, it wasn’t supposed to be like that because najua watu wengine hawatawai elewa yani ivo. That one I apologize for, that one I’m gonna apologize for that yaani iyo haikuanga sawa hiyo unanipata? My statement was taken out  context,” he said.



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