Comedian Mulamwah has shared some words for his baby Mama Carol Muthoni.

During a quickfire with Mpashogram, the comedian-cum radio presenter said that he wishes her all the best.

According to him, the aim of a breakup is to find a person who is better and therefore he hopes that Carrol gets a better person for a life partner.

“I wish her all the best. Everybody deserves the best. The aim of a breakup is to get somebody better so I wish for her better,” the father of one said.


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The remarks comes just days after he officially visited the parents of his bestie Ruth.

In as much as Mulamwah refuses to admit that they are in a relationship and are expecting a child, many concluded that they formalised their relationship during the traditional ceremony.

Also speaking about the event in a recent interview, Mulamwah said that he just went to visit Bestie’s place and they overreacted by organising a big ceremony.

“I just went to visit but bestie’s place because she visited our home. I went at their place as a friend but they overreacted. I arrived and was shocked, they had cooked, set up tents and it became a big ceremony. I didn’t expect it to be that big. When you go to a place you have never been, you can’t go with everyone because it’s your first time. Once you arrive and see that it is a nice place then you can invite people next time, if there will be,” he said.

During the quickfire session, Mulamwah also revealed that he met Ruth three years ago. Ruth however came into the picture soon after Mulamwah and Carol publicised their breakup, months after their daughter, Keilah, was born.

Keilah is now two years old and Mulamwah recently opened up on the challenges he is facing while co-parenting with Carol.

“I try support but ni hard. Unatuma pesa zinareversiwa ata birthday nimetuma gift ikarudishwa. So inakuwa tricky sana sijui shida iko wapi jameni,” he said.

Carol seemingly confirmed Mulamwah’s woes while commenting on Bahati gifting Diana Marua a Range Rover autobiography. She said that she won’t reverse such a gift.


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