Pritty Vishy has stunned netizens after she revealed that she is turning 22.

Many were left surprised they think her appearance is in notable contrast with her age.

“22 looks good on me already mtoto ako 22yrs on Tuesday eiii” pritty vishy wrote.

Here are photos that she took to mark her special day.

The content creator and upcoming rapper is however unapologetic about what people think. In June this year, she took to Instagram donning a bikini while sauntering in a scenic location.

The former girlfriend of Rapper Stevo Simple Boy was not shy show off her body. She accompanied the video with a bold post affirming that she was confident in her own skin which other plus size women should embrace.

As usual critics and fans alike raced to the comment section to air their two cents on her bold move

“Gurllll you stunning😍😍utaona wasichana wanapeana negative comments ata sijui niwaambie nini” a fan wrote

“You don’t want to tag me because you don’t want me to be clingy😮😮😢” Another fan added.

“Ladies let’s gather here…..muache kuentertain ujinga mkiambia msee Ako sawa” another further added.

Despite selling her confidence Vishy pointed out that big sized girls are hypocritically complemented.

“It’s funny how when a petite girl wears bikini everyone tells them how cute they are but just try it if you are a plus size…yooh kuna wenye wanaona hippo, rhino na kadhalika,” she said.



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Moving on, Pritty Vishy was recently in high spirits after she announced that her mother would be arriving to the country from Saudi Arabia, where she works. The 22-year old was glad that her mother was finally back home after getting sick in the forign land.

“Mother’s support she’s coming soon are you guys even ready” she wrote.


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