The CEO of Akothee Safaris and Akothee Foundation Esther Akoth has decided to put the questions regarding her marriage to a halt.

During a live session on Instagram, Akothee made a bold statement by removing her matrimonial ring.

This bold move was to ensure that people get a clear answer regarding her current marital status.

In her long speech, the mother of five said that she will live her life the way she desires and no one can control her

She specifically pinpointed that she is her own MC and people will have to catch up with her.

“Harusi si Iliisha huko april? natoa ring saii ndio muite police mnichape. Si mnatakanga ivo? Natoa ring. Maisha ni ya kwangu ,napanga mimi….hehehehe  and you cant do anything, you will just have to follow eh, I am the MC on this platform, nikibadilisha mwendo nmabadilisha pia nyinyi kasi  eh, msikuje hapa kusumbua watu,” she said, while visibly showing her irritation.

Akothee unleashes exquisite photos from her wedding with Omosh

Akothee further said that she was not going to put the ring back on, emphasising that her husband is not in her terms of reference.

“Haya nimetoa ring wacha ata nitoe hii ingine, mimi huwezinipangia maisha eh, enyenyenye…..kwani Omosh ni product? wacha nikuulize, Omosh ni product?ama he’s one of my delivery boys? ama yuko kwa terms my terms of reference? Sirudishi natoa ring saii ,” the artist said .


This whole saga began when Akothee wrote on her Instagram post that she was not okay. She said that she was at a bad state of mind to an extent of going for therapy.

The public figure said that she had undergone emotional abuse which made her emotionally unstable.

Akothee was married to Denis Eduard Schweizer (Omosh) in a luxurious ceremony were she invited popular celebrities in April.



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