In a heartwarming birthday celebration, a woman surprised her husband by inviting the famous TikTok surprise king, Moya David.

Armed with a bouquet of flower and  goodies, Moya showed up in what seemed to be a restaurant where the couple were having a good time and broke into his signature dance moves.

“Mr man was too shy! Book with us today and any other day. Let’s put a smile on the little ones together,” the choreographer captioned the video.

The man’s first impression however is what caught the attention of netizens  as he was expressionless. Later he could be seen getting emotional. The video not only captured the joyous moment but also highlighted how- men react differently to surprises

A fan commented, @Tausi Samuel. “Kweli surprise is for ladies.”

“Mimi siwezi lia mbele ya mwanamke. Wanawake ndio huruka ruka wakiwa surprised not men. If a man does this, huonyesha ako na umama sana,” said John Kimani.


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Joh’s comment insinuates that only women get emotional because of surprises and a man who does so is considered weak.

This brings to light, how cultural norms and values affect emotional expressiveness in both men and women .

“His masculinity left him😂😂😂. Majamaa wanormalize lovely gestures,” another netizen reacted.


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