Mike Sonko the former city boss has ignited chaos online after sharing a photo of an illegal plant growing in his compound.

The seasoned politician took to his largely followed X formerly known as Twitter account to share a photo depicting marijuana stems sprouting off the ground.

The philanthropist blamed it on the heavy rains  insisting that the seedlings were sprouting on their own accord as he had never planted marijuana in his compound before.

He referred to the  to marijuana as Wajackoyah’s seed probably stemming from the politician’s  call for legalization of the drug.

”Hii mvua iko na maneno hizi seedlings za wajakoya zimemea mingi sana kwangu na mimi sijawai kuzipanda.” he wrote.



Excited netizens flocked on the politician’s comment section to air out their opinions. Most reacted hilariously to the post and blasted him for his pretense insisting that the politician knew the source of the marijuana seedlings.

You’ve been doing what you used to do with Waititu in parliament” 

”These are cocoa seedlings.zikikuwa kubwa zinakua cocaine.wisdom will finish me.”

”Uzuri wewe ni mkubwa huwezi chotwa.nkujie mbegu?” a notorious x user inquired.
Mike Sonko is notorious for posting cryptic posts on his social media pages mostly within topics on sex ,politics and reacting to  internet trending videos.
Focus now shifts to the authorities more so the Directorate of criminal investigations (DCI) as netizens await to see what measures will be taken if any against the wealthy man.




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