Karen Nyamu the nominated UDA senator has caused yet another stir online after proposing a new law to be implemented by the government.

The controversial politician took to her largely Instagram account where she shared that she would be advocating for the closure of the night clubs that run 24/7 locally known as ”Aluta”

The mother of three explained that the clubbing experience was destroying the future of the youths especially in Nairobi.

She vowed to not rest until the ”Aluta” experience was long forgotten before issuing a warning to all club owners.

”Kuna kitu inaharibu vijana hapa nairobi inaitwa Aluta. Hio form me ndio nitachoma.Club owners this is your notice.” she wrote.



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As usual, netizens flocked the comment section to give out their opinions on the senator’s proposal. Some blasted her stating that she would be better off looking for ob opportunities for the youth while others fully supported it.

”Sasa umeanza kukosa mwelekeo.instead utaftie vijana job?”

”Aki this is so true.Young men in clubs from Monday to Sunday 24 hours unashangaa watajijenga lini akai? Yes senator push this law were are behind you 10 toes down.”

”Izimwe alafu samidoh akue anaimba wapi?” a netizen questioned.

Nyamu found herself under fire from her lover’s fans who wondered why the senator would ask for closure of the nightclubs yet her man was singing 24/7 in the same clubs.

In her defense, Nyamu stated that her mugithi maestro lover does not perform in ”Aluta” hence he would not be affected by the law.

”Kwani mliskia Samidoh akiimba aluta?” She responded to a fan who had made the inquiry.

This is not the first time the senator is being trolled online. It has happened before but mostly due to her affair with the singer rather than her political endeavors.




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