Peter Salasya the Mumias East member of Parliament has once again found himself in the wrong side of the law.

Salasya is been accused of threatening to murder a magistrate after she made an unfavorable ruling ordering the politician to pay back a sum of Ksh500,000 that he owed a local business man

Magistrate Gladys Kiama of the Kakamega small claims court lodged a complain at the Kakamega Police Station on Monday, November 27.

She claimed that her life was in danger after she ordered the lawmaker to pay businessman Robert Lutta a debt with accrued interest and cost of the case.

” At around 1230 hours while at Kakamega Law Courts, having delivered a judgement in a small claim matter vide case no. SSC E541/2023 against Hon. Peter Salasya, MP for Mumias East Constituency where he had been sued for failing to refund the money loaned to him by the claimant, he (Salasya) confronted her (Magistrate) outside the courtroom and threatened to kill her and then took off,” the police report read in part.

Kiama alleged that the law maker then took up a habit of blowing up her phone with threatening messages and phone calls.

In the case, Lutta, through his lawyer Edwin Wafula, had sued Salasya on October 23, alleging that he innocently loaned Salasya the amount in December last year in the hope that he would repay it in two months, but he became elusive.

In his defense, the lawmaker denied borrowing money and instead claimed that he was the one who loaned the business man a sum of 1 million shillings through his political advisor known as Bernad Kemba.

The presiding magistrate dismissed the MPs counter claim terming it as inadequate, impassable and dissuasive.

This all proved to be a lie as the said lender could not identify the business man even after the identification parade was carried out.

Police in Kakamega now state that they hunting for the controversial law maker who is at large.




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