After Vera Sidika Uploaded a series of texts on her Instagram ranting about how Brown Mauzo failed to attend their daughter’s birthday, Mauzo has responded with a cryptic message that seemed to be clapping back at her former lover now turned foe.

Vera explained that he invited Mauzo to enjoy this momentous period in her daughter’s  life but he did not show up. In pent up anger the Kenyan socialite and reality star stressed that was she  wasn’t supposed to force him to the event.

Mauzo indirectly replied to the claims which passed him off as an irresponsible and absent father.

“Think good thoughts, say nice things. And do good for others. Everything comes back,” he said.

He also shared in Pastor YPJ”s opinion who preached that you should not in any whatsoever fake happiness for anybody.

“I’m not faking happiness for anybody If I feel I’m not living the life that I deserve if refuse to hide behind the photo filter in an attempt to create a facade so that I can gain the validating opinion of astrager. Why fake like you are happy when happiness can be a reality? why pose online with a picture of a partnership when the two people know it’s not good ? why not get a offline and get inline and figure out how to make the relationship quality,” the pastor said.

The pastor further added that fake people are only hurting themselves while flaunting expensive trips and vacations.

“Flashy homes and trips to Dubai do not necessarily mean you are successful , it could mean that you are totally irresponsible and living off credit so we wouldd rather present a lie than live a life of actual joy and tranquility you don’t have to fake it and say you make it You’ve got to work until you make it” he added.


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