Mother Karua, the Narc Kenya party leader and  Raila’s running mate in the 2022 Kenyan election has formed a political team to champion for the interests of Mt Kenya.

The launch of  the”Kamwene” group took place in Ufungamano house. It was graced by various leaders and founders who are thought to be the muscle behind the group.

Karua explained that the group was not a political ploy  but a platform for the Mt Kenya people to form and solidify their voice in economical and social issues.

“It is for us to talk about our interests, political economical, social, cultural, spiritual and also to unite us so that we solidify  our voice, we are not talking about election, we are talking about the unity of the people of M.t Kenya” karua explained.

The former Gichugu Member of Parliament seemingly shut down rumors that termed Kalonzo Musyoka as a potential presidential candidate in the 2027 election stating that Kalonzo was a die hard member of the Azimio coalition.

“ Kalonzo Musyoka is our brother, we are in Azimio to stay but we still have Kamwene  caucus to caucus on M.t Kenya.”she reassured.

In their further remarks the group explained that politics was all about interests before taunting  politicians who worry when the Mount Kenya region unites

“ Just for clarity politics is about interests and so those distractors who get edgy simply because the mountain is getting together, hakuna haja ya kufanya ivo. Politics is about interests and we the people of the mountain stand up in the republic of Kenya to state our case” a representative stated.

The group blatsed the Kenya Kwanza regime led by President Ruto for taking punitive decisions which according to them has costed Kenyans dearly.

They concluded by terming the Kamwene group as a light at the end of the tunnel for the Mount Kenya people.


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