Ntazola the content creator who went viral after she was invovled in a confrontation with a county council policeman has apologized for insulting the latter.

Stating that she knew where the Kanjo was based, Ntazola revealed that she intended to treat the county council police to a cup of tea where she would then apologize for calling him a dog.

The courageous lass explained the she will not even post their meet up since people might miscontrue her to be a clout chaser.

Ntazola added that her decision to apologize was fueled by her parents especially her mother who is a pastor and was not happy with how she handled the whole situation.

”Later on, I have to look for this guy and apologize for calling him the dog word . I have to really… I dont even need to do it ikuwe public aty now Ntazola is apologizing. You know people might say Im clout chasing  I will just find my time and I know where he is based so nitamtafuta tu tukunywe chai   we sort things out .” Ntazola stated.

Seemingly excited by any post from the voloptuous Tiktok creator, netizens flocked the comment section with opinions on Ntazola’s sudden change of heart. Some lauded her for realising her mistakes while others advised her not to apologize since the county police in question had brought the predicament to himself.

Netizens make her look bad for doing the right thing. Be you. You don’t have to kiss 🍑 cause people are trolling you. Stay true to yourself.”

Ameingiza baridi kanjo atakuwekea grudge”

”Mimi naye nikipata kanjo akichapwa nawacha kwanza shuguli yangu ” netizens commented.

The video depicting the confrontation between Ntazola and the county council police went viral after she took the police on a forced road trip after he entered her car without consent.



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