Gloria Ntazola, who went viral for taking a kanjo officer on a ride to Kitengela, is now eyeing a political seat.

Speaking during an interview, the 25-year old said that she is interested in giving Esther Passaris a run for her money in the 2027 general elections.

She is however yet to decide if she would run for the seat independently or through a party ticket.

The TikToker went ahead and called upon anyone who is interested in  endorsing her during the 2027 elections to reach out to her.

“I’m ready baby….2027 I’m going to vie for women representative in Nairobi, kama ntakua eeeh solo.. inakuanga independent….. ntakua kama kuna somebody who is ready to endorse me baby come for me,” Ntazola said

At the same time, the young lass who is half Luhya and Half South African spoke of her viral incident cheekily saying that she would like to carry a traffic police officers on a road trip to coast.

She said that in future, she would dump another nuisance thing to get into her car at Mtito Andei after buying him Pilau.

“Ill drive and we go to like Mtito Andei Police Station ….. nimbuyie tukule, tuchape stori na nimwambie sasa wewe…..kula pilau sasa utajua venye utatoka….unajua mtu haezikufanyia kila kitu kwa maisha… utajua venye utatoka hapa,” Ntazola added.

The aspiring woman rep said that in order to survive, one has to have the ghetto side in them beside being classy.

“I’m a little crazy with a spice of ghetto, I am not classy like this. Sometimes you need to be ghetto to survive in the streets. You don’t need to be like…. you know, I’ve attended very good schools and staff,” Kanjo lady said

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