Popular Radio king Maina Kageni has advised women against staying long in a relationship and living with a man who has not proposed marriage to them.

Speaking during the Classic 105 breakfast show, Maina said a woman who is in such a relationship is just like the sofa set in the man’s house, adding that dating should have a timeline.

According to him, a man might date for years and end up marrying a different woman whether the one he was in a relationship with has his children or not.

“Never ever stay with a man who hasn’t proposed to you. Unless he has put a ring in your finger, other wise you will be like a sofa set in his sitting room. Date but put a timeline. A man might date you for years without proposing but he will meet a woman after 30 days and marry her. Why would you stay with such a man. Having one or two kids for a man is not a status. Come we stay is not marriage, no matter the number of years you spent together. How do you live with a man who has not proposed to you” he said.

Maina further urged women to propose marriage to their men if they have been dating for over a year but the men is yet to proposed.

“There are some men who have never even met your parents in 10 years and you think he is your man for real? Marry him. If he has been with you for more than a year and he has never proposed, propose to him yourself, ” he said.

His co-host Daniel Ndambuki aka Mwalimu Churchill however differed with him, saying that marriage is not like a Netflix series and that it entails a lot of sacrifices.


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