Former Tahidi High actor Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira are annoyed Kenyans after allegedly being frustrated in a government office where they had gone to verify their marriage certificate.

The couple experienced frustrations because they could not provide the special license they had been given before wedding in a garden. According to them, the license got lost years ago and they thought that once the marriage certificate is out, it was the most important thing.

Mutua and his wife went ahead to caution those who did not wed in church that they are likely to encounter their experience.

“So the mistake we made on this earth is getting married in a garden. If you did your wedding in a garden you are in problems,” Mutua said.

“The day you will be told that you need to provide a certified copy of your marriage certificate, you will feel it,” Judy added.

Their marriage certificate was not verified and they were told to repeat their wedding instead. They however say that the special license number had been captured in the marriage certificate.

“What does that mean, Judy and I are not married. Guys as we speak I am single if there is a girl who had something to tell me the time is now. All the numbers you require are here(in the marriage certificate) Just because we don’t have the physical copy our wedding in null and void. Our marriage doesn’t exist. Ladies please talk to me now. If that thing is very important they would have told us,” Mutua said.

“Our Marriage Is Null And Void!” Ex Tahidi High Actor Abel Mutua Urges Women To Shoot Their Shot.

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