As the story of Malindi Pastor Paul Mackenzie continue to hit both national and international headlines, Classic FM Radio Presenter Maina Kageni has weighed in on the matter while narrating his mother’s similar encounter with a renown televangelist.

Speaking during his breakfast show on Tuesday, Maina said his  mother denied him Kshs40, 000 only for her to give the foreign preacher a half a million.

Before giving the preacher such a fortune she had told him that she doesn’t have money.

“My mum gave a half a million to US preacher Bennie Hinn as tithe. Yet I asked her to give me Kshs40k and she told me she didn’t have the cash,” Maina said.

The popular televangelist came to Kenya  on a ministering mission in 2000. Many Kenyans are said to have removed their ailing loved ones from hospitals so that they could be cured by Hinn. Unfortunately,  four of them died while waiting for the healing miracles, and several others suffered injuries after falling from elevated points they had climbed to have a glimpse of the American preacher.

Benn Hinn had promised to cure diseases such as Aids and other physical disabilities.

The case of Maina’s mother is however not so different from Mackenzie’s whose followers surrender all their wealth to him. Mackenzie’s followers however go to the extreme of giving up their livelihood, careers and everything so that they fully submit to him. Some are reported to have died mysteriously after joining his cult.

The controversial religion sees faithfuls starve to death, in the name of fasting, so that they could meet Christ. They also don’t go to school and follow other teachings that are contrary to the normal Christian teachings.

Mackenzie found himself in trouble when mass graves were discovered in his farm in Shakahola and so far over 70 bodies have been retrieved by the police from the scene.


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