Njugush’s wife Celestine Ndida is willing to help Butita find a woman and settle down with.

On Wednesday, the mother of two took Butita for a ride to an unknown destination in search of the woman.

“Aaah wasee leo naplugiwa. Leo natafutiwa bibi  mpaka nadriviwa,” Butita said in a video he shared on his Instagram account.

Celestine on the other hand said that they will get one today, pay her dowry and bring her home.

“Leo lazima tunampata. Leo tunalala na yeye. Na kama ni mahari leo tunaekelea,” she said.

Butita however said that he can’t look for a wife in Ukambani, saying that his car, a Jaguar, can’t go to the region. The duo however seemed to be testing the vehicle as Butita asked her for her opinion about the vehicle.

“Nimesema tusipeleke Ukambanai. Jaguar haiwezi enda Ukambani please kuna barabara za Jaguar. Lakini si unaskia machine iko aje. Halafu huyo mtu tunaenda kutafuta atakuwa anakaa hapa,” Butita said as he pointed on the co-driver’s seat where he was seated.

Wakavinye admitted that she has never seen a Jaguar on the road.


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Butita has been single for the longest time after his break up with comedian Mammito. A few months ago, he was however suspected to be dating Instagram model Sadia, after they made an epic appearance in Akothee’s wedding.

Butita however clarified their relationship saying that it is purely professional and business-oriented.

“Whatever was being said ni nyinyi mlicreate. I have never confirmed anywhere that we are dating. We have never kissed we. We are just friends, we are creating content, our plans and businesses. Its just that when you gossipers saw us together you concluded that we are dating and we ran with with to achieve our goals,”  the comedian said.

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