Comedian and content creator Eddie Butita has revealed that he is single just days after his rumoured girlfriend Sadia shared a video of herself getting cozy with a man identified as Moeazy.

In a phone interview with Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray, Butita confirmed that he and Sadia have never dated. He  added that they are just friends and business partners.

According to him, the man with Sadia in the viral video is her real boyfriend.

“I saw the video of Sadia and her boyfriend what is the problem. We have never been an item bro. I have  always been telling you we should talk about work whenever you call because we have never dated. We are just friends and artists working together, business partners,” he said.

The comedian further noted that their relationship narrative was peddled by rumour mongers and that they decided to flow with it.

“Whatever was being said ni nyinyi mlicreate. I have confirmed anywhere that we are dating. We have never kissed we. We are just friends, we are creating content, our plans and businesses. Its just that when you gossipers saw us together you concluded that we are dating and we ran with with to achieve our goals,”  he added.

Suspicions that Butita and Sadia arose in March this year when Butita penned a beautifulo message for Sadia during Women’s day. Further speculations arose when they arrived at Akothee’s wedding in a chopper.

Butita and Sadia at Akothee’s wedding

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