The government has promised to review existing policies and regulations in order to curb inappropriate content shared on social Media especially Tik tok during the late hours of the night.

Speaking in Nairobi on Wednesday August 2, ICT cabinet secretary Eliud Owalo said the ministry will impose strict measures to close loopholes that allow social media platforms to be abused.

The government has expressed it’s concern about a recent  trend by TikTok users who go live during wee hours of the night 11pm -3am disseminating explicit content to their followers.

“We will review the law guidelines to protect social media users. If there is a way we can strengthen the existing policy and regulatory framework, we will go ahead and do that. If there is a concern with the visible proposal as to how we can improve the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act 2019, we are willing to review and update the Act,” said Owalo.

Owalo’s sentiments come after a public outcry over the worrying trend by TikTok users in Kenya to share inappropriate images on TikTok.

The government however, says the burden to  protect children the gross content lies with everyone; each Kenyan must take responsibility and respect the already existing laws on cyber crime.

“Child protection can only start when we practice a culture and attitude change. Let us start with self-introspection, as Kenyans. We may have laws but they must also be augmented with responsibility on our side.” Owalo added.

A research done by the Reuters Institute Digital News revealed Kenya is leading in the usage of TikTok in the world.





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