Kiss FM radio presenter  Sheila Kwambox has apologised to Kenya’s number one rapper Khaligraph jones.

Kwambox swallowed the humble pie after calling out Khaligraph Jones for allegedly turning down an interview with BBC 1xtra while in US a couple of days ago.

In her apology, Kwambox said that she talked to the rapper and they are good. She added that she  did a research on claims  that OG rudely turned down the interview an discovered otherwise.

“We all make mistakes, mimi kwangu yangu ilifika lakini  I’m not too proud to apologise. We did have a conversation  me and him we cool. We had a conversation  here  on air and I remember  expressing my concerns  as a fan of Khaligraph  Jones and how he didn’t  show up for the interview.  During  the weekend, I had time to really  research  on that conversation,” the radio girl  said.

“It turns out that he did the interview  at BBC Africa, and the reason I’m talking about it is because  I  found one of the most  fascinating interviews.  He sounded very happy,” she added.

Kwambox  however  said that she is glad they got to squash the beef before it got out of hand.

“I’m glad OG and I managed to squash this before it went to the Internet Like Babu and Sakaja they started  insulting  each other. You know what, maybe they could learn a thing or two from us,” she said.

In the 10 minutes  interview,  Khaligraph  said that he looked forward  to Kenya getting continental  recognition.

“Kenya, take over East Africa  and get that continental  recognition. Now the mission is to get more crossover recognitions and that is what we’ve  been  working on right now,”the rapper said.

In the interview, the well known rapper said that he got his name from a famous  wrestler  known  as the great Khali. He also said that he got the last part ‘graph’ from what he loved doing which is calligraphy.



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