Karen Nyamu is among friends and family who joined Mugithi singer Samidoh for the launch of his foundation.

Nyamu went to support her baby daddy just hours after it emerged that they had unfollowed each other on social media.

Speaking about the unfollowing, Nyamu said that it was normal in relationships for a couple to have finds and overreact in some insdtances.

“Kuna kitu kama hio but saa zile kuna feelings saa zile watu wanapendana flash hapa na pale na kuoverreact hazikosangi. Si mara ya kwanza na believe si mara ya mwisho I mean it means nothing. At the end of the day we have been through the worst if you ask me. I don’t think kuna kitu hatuwezisuluhisha you can see I am here to support baba watoto,” she told Vloggers at the event.

Nyamu also went ahead to issue an advice to married women, saying women should be women and let a  men be a men.

“As a woman, be feminine, kuwa dem, let the man provide. There is a misconception, madem siku hizi wanataka kuwa independent kama mimi nimekuwa perceived as an independent person, I don’t need any input from a man. No, let a man be a man, mwanaume ameumbwa to take care for a woman. Let him be because if you don’t let him take care of you he’s going to find someone who he can take care of in his element because that is his element as a man,” the mother of three said.

She added that money is not everything and men and women compliment each other. She further said that women should not be tough headed, and avoid setting conditions while in relationships. She said that they should also acknowledge men as the head.

“Mimi nikifika nyumbani, nimetoka huko senate, ni kutoa viatu nijue Sam atakula nini. I put on the femininity nikiingia kwa nyumba,” she said.


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