Famous Mugithi singer Samidoh and nominated senator Karen Nyamu have attracted attention of fans once again and this time giving them reasons to speculate  that there could be ‘Trouble in their paradise’.

The couple are no longer following each other on social media, with the reason for that still remaining unknown.

They have been a couple with a wide following on social media as their relationship has always been a subject of scrutiny and controversies.

Fans are in darkness wondering what came about the Duo’s relationship since it’s just days when Karen shared a video of them enjoying a Motorbike ride in the streets of Nairobi.

During the ride, their smiles were vivid, a moment that netizens thought was worth admiration.


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One of the singer’s followers could not hide her concern about the  relationship and wanted to find out what transpired between the two.

“Na ni kama kinakuramba Sammidoh .Mbona uli unfollow huyo mmama wako??I thought ni mfavourite, look alike na sijui mscorpio,” Sarah Gitau prompted Samidoh.

In response, the popular singer summarized his answer to ”sini life?” adding laughing emojis.

Fans have however noticed that Karen is not supporting Samidoh in his fore coming event since she has not posted anything about it yet ,something that is quite peculiar owing to the fact that she has always done the small and big things to show him support.

Recently the controversial Nairobi senator reverted to Edday, Sammidoh’s estranged wife on social media after she thanked US-based promoter Bernice Saroni for playing an indispensable role in helping her relocate to US with her children.

“May God bless you girl, whatever you did to me and my kids it’s something that I can’t even explain. My daughter angekua rehab mimi nikiwa six feet under,” Edday responded to a Tiktok video by Bernice that implied that she was not happy in her matrimonial home.

“Na vile alikua amejinonea akiwa kwake alikua kapum pum smart na tumakai akismile tu macho inafungika. Watu si wajinga buana,”Karen criticized the assertion.


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