Youtuber Miss Trudy has fallen on the wrong side of Airports rules and regulations in her line of creating content.

Miss Trudy was marred by drama after security officials attached to Mombasa International Airport on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, tried to stop her from filing shorts for her content creation at  the premises.

Following this altercation the content creator who is engaged to s Ghanian content creator took to her socials and uploaded a clip bashing the security officials  and in the background the security officials ae heard calling the police to apprehend her.

“I’m driving back to Nairobi, someone stops me at the entrance, this guy stops me, starts harassing me, tells me to stop making content. I’m just tired. Content creators have a right to create content. This shouldn’t be happening in 2023. I’m not doing.

Seeming well versed with the Airport terms Miss Trudy Stated that she was filming on the safe zone, despite it being claimed that she was indeed on the prohibited zone.

I’m not doing anything illegal. I am a Kenyan citizen. I am not even filming in the security zone. I am outside and I am being harassed,” Miss Trudy.

However reports from the airport say otherwise.

“She was actually filming near the screening area, which is not allowed. What the officer did was to inform her that it was not allowed politely,”

Airports are among the government facilities designated as protected areas/controlled security zones.

According to law ,The Kenya Civil Aviation Security Regulations 2020 59 (1-c) states that a person commits an offence by operating a portable electronic device when such act is prohibited.

 Section 56 (b) on Offences and Penalties stipulates that a person commits an offence if he refuses to comply with a lawful order issued by the airport operator on behalf of the Authority by an aviation security officer or authorized person for the purpose of ensuring order and safety at the airport or of any person or property at the airport or for the purpose of maintaining good order and discipline at the airport.

In relation to these the content creator should have written to the Airport Manager informing them her intention to film at the airport premises and pay fee if any was.

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