The Marathon G.O.A.T Eliud Kipchoge has explained why he suffered a huge loss in the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Kipchoge settled for the sixth position  in the race after running for 2.09.23 although he had hoped to set a new record. The Boston Marathon was however his worst performance in his whole athletic career.

According to him, his left leg had issues after running for 18 miles and he struggled to complete the race. He added that the Boston weather is not to blame for his performance.

“I had a problem with my leg and it wasn’t easy to continue strong after 30km, but I felt the drive to finish the race despite the hurdle. It wasn’t the weather but my left foot that was the problem,” he said.

Kipchoge is now unsure wether he will compete in the New York marathon on November 5 but he will restructure to come up with a solid plan.

“I don’t know yet. I need to go back, rearrange and come back with a solid program,” the 38-year old said.

“Sport is about good days and bad days, Monday was one of those days. In sports you win and you lose and there is always tomorrow to set a new challenge. I am excited for what’s ahead,” he added.


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