A Kenyan man who police have identified as Kelvin Kange’the has fled Massachusetts after murdering and ditching his girlfriend’s body in a parking garage at the Logan International Airport.

Authorities state that evidence found in a car registered under Kangethe’s name points to him as the main suspect.

He is believed to have taken the 16-hour flight from the United States to Kenya immediately after committing the heinous act in a bid to escape the law.

An international manhunt has since been launched and the Boston police are currently working with their Kenyan counterparts to track down the suspect.

Investigations show that the victim, Margaret Mbitu was last seen in a white SUV leaving Bamsi an international charitable organization where she worked, two days before she was found stabbed in a garage.

Speaking to members of the press, the victim’s mother alleged that Mbitu was trying to break off things with her controlling 40-year-old boyfriend.

She mourned her daughter stating that she was heartbroken and not herself after the devastating news.

Taking to Facebook to mourn their employee, Bamsi termed the nurse as warm, caring, and lovable before expressing the loss felt by the agency at the sudden death of the young woman.

”She was warm, caring, and loved by everyone she worked with, both staff and the people she cared for in our group homes. As an agency, we are in mourning over the loss of such an amazing young woman.” the agency wrote.

Reacting to the news, Kenyans flocked to the comment section with opinions on the case.

”Aki wakenya tuko na roho za kifo😂😂 tumefika mpaka Boston Kwa news za murder”

”Mapenzi wewe….penye imefikia tutakaa tu single”

”Kang’ethe ako hapa mwihoko..kama mnataka niwaoneshe nipeenj dollars nitawapeleka juu tunakula tu pesa zake na America.” netizens commented.





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