Businessman Kennedy Rapudo has become a household name in the entertainment industry because of his involvement with socialite Amber Ray.

The couple went public with their relationship in June 2022. This came shortly after the socialite broke up with her Sierra Leonean boyfriend  Ibb Kabba.

Since embracing limelight life, the father of three has so far garnered 151k followers on Instagram. A lot about him however remains unknown but in the near past, he opened up about his private life and upbringing, revealing that he runs a legitimate business.

“Nilizaliwa Mombasa and then my mum had different jobs so I have been to different places. Nimeishi Kisumu, Rift Valley, western, niko kila mahali,” Rapudo said in an interview with Oga Obinna.

After finishing his high school studies, he became a hawker in Nairobi where he sold household items such as flasks for survival. He then started making bricks and later became a poultry farmer. From there, he pursued higher education and acquired a Masters from the University of Nairobi. He worked for oil companies in Africa, a Dutch travelling company and during the covid pandemic, he started his own Tour and Travel company after being sacked.

On Thursday August 24, Rapudo also shared an insight of his past in a series of photos, dating  from 2009.

“Can you spot his highness?  2009 University of Nairobi, wacha Mungu aitwe Mungu,” he captioned a photo that was taken with his campus colleagues.

He also dropped a 2014 photo when he used to work for an oil company in Somalia.

“This pic was taken back in 2014 when I was working as an Environmental and social impact officer for an oil and gas company in Puntland, Somalia,” he revealed.


He shared another photo saying that he was skinny but meeting Amber Ray has done him well.

“Hapa bado nilikuwa hustler lakini luku lazima. Well I have always been skinny till met Nyar Mkamba,” the businessman said.

He went on to drop another photo that was taken back in 2017 with his friends.

“Hii ilikuwa kikundi cha hide your gels,” he captioned the photo.

Rapudo further dropped an undated photo while at an event where he met Amber Ray for the first time.



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