Popular gay Businessman Maxwell Mwamburi who is known for his yummy cakes has exposed one of Kenya’s best actresses Kate Actress.

Kate actress unlike many celebrities in Kenya seems to have mastery in keeping her things  in order but this time things have gone hayway.

The cross dresser who occasionally identifies himself as Maxine is calling upon the actress to bring back his cake set which he claims was delivered to her on 15th December 2022 during her daughters birthday.

”Please kate actress am begging you for the last time pleas return this set of my cake stands which were delivered for your daughters birthday cake”

Maxwell has decried his fruitless efforts from him and his team towards getting back his cake set and from the look of things he’s fed up.

”I have texted enough, my team has begged Iam tired please deliver the damn cake stands in my studio in Muringa Rd in kilimani” the business man posted on his insta stories before ending his with something that seemed to be like a spurn warning to Kate Actress.

”Wont remind you again.” he added

“My Princess is 3. 3 years I have learnt selflessness from you. To a hundred more my Njeri 🥂@kate_actress thank you for grooming this Diva😀” Kate’s hubby Director Phil gushed over his daughter on her birthday last year.

The actress is yet to make a response regarding this matter.

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