Following her absence during her sister ‘s wedding Cebbie koks has taken a swipe at bloggers who are looking for something to say about it.

Cebbie who according to many wants to be talked about since all attention has shifted to Akothee’s wedding took to her Insta stories to tease at bloggers.

” How blogs be waiting for me to say a word so they can reshape to fit their narrative captioning with ‘Cebbie Koks breaks silence with a cryptic message’ Cebbie posted.

The two sisters have publicly shown that they have issues which from the look of things are not going to be solved anytime soon.

Cebbie tied the knot with city lawyer Steve Ogolla on December 28, 2022 and Akothee never attended her wedding.

Seeming like a revenge or pulling the button, Cebbie also missed out on Akothee’s wedding but the question is was she invited?

Despite all the trolls geared towards her, she seems to be okay and she has promised bloggers silence regarding Akothee’s wedding

“Mtangoja sana nyinyi blogs,” she wrote.

The cause of the fallout between the two sisters is not so clear but Akothee once stated that whatever is being witnessed is because her family never intervened.

“Things landed on my table that broke me but didn’t kill me, again no one reached out a hand, and I was left to fight alone. Again, as the eldest of them, things were forced down my throat. I accepted being big until I was reduced to a doormat,” she said.

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