Rumours on social media indicate that actress Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, is not in good terms with her husband Director Phil.

Suspicions on their relationship arose after Kate decided to remove nearly all of her husband’s photos from her Instagram account without any explanation. Neither of them has come out to deny or confirm the break-up allegations, leaving their fans in great confusion.

Phil has however been commenting on Kate’s recent Instagram posts and Kate has been responding to his comments.

In one instance, Kate shared a photo she took with Queen Gathoni and Amina Abdi, in a recent event in Nairobi, saying that she has not gotten over it.

“Still reeling over the Nairobi crowning brunch courtesy of her majesty #QueenCharlotte. Our bags are ready to meet her. Guess the city she has summoned us to?” she captioned the photo.

Director Phil commented on her post saying, “Eish royalty.”

“Send me dollars please” Kate responded and Phil went ahead to tell her that even the government has no dollars.

On another instance, Phil commented on her post with fire emojis.

“Send whiskey today things are boiling please,” the mother of two replied to his comment.

Cate is currently in South Africa for the launch of Netflix’s Queen Charlotte


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