Karen Nyamu a Kenya Kwanza nominated senator has caused a stir online after responding hilariously to a fan who descended on her comment section.

The fan in question left a very vile comment under the senator’s post. She taunted Nyamu, terming her as mentally unstable before advising the senator to focus on things which concerned her this, the fan said, would result in Nyamu’s success if she would be lucky enough to cheat witchcraft.

“I understand that you are mentally disabled, but I will advise you to concentrate on things you are capable of doing. na ni uguthii kuraihu waga kurwogwo!” the netizen wrote.

Nyamu who never Shys away from confronting trolls online quickly responded to the comment. She advised the netizen to go and reprimand the musician she was romantically involved with since he was the one laying with her before inquiring whether the fan was afraid of speaking to the police Officer turned Mugithi star.

”Si ungesomea Samidoh ni yeye hunikula na akanionyesha kwani munamuogopa” Nyamu asked.

These online confrontations have become something that Nyamu lives with since her relationship with the married Mugithi singer Samidoh was exposed.

The three individuals involved in a love triangle which consists of Karen Nyamu, Samidoh and his wife Eddy Nderitu have been forced to lead a life of public scrutiny as their messy relationship has been a source of gossip and entertainment in the showbiz industry.

Usually, the nominated senator finds herself on the receiving end of hate and criticism from Kenyans online as most of them blame her for the messy separation of the mugithi star and his wife which happened early this year.

Nderitu has since relocated to the United States together with her children after she adamantly stated that she would never contend to a polygamous marriage.

Even with Nderitu off the picture, Seems Nyamu’s woes are never ending because fans never waste a moment to remind the senator that she broke off a once upon a time happy family.

Their wrangles are however multifaceted as there is no clear-cut answer to any singular person who deserves the blame for the fall out between Samidoh and his former partner Eddy Nderitu.





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