Andrew Kibe, a polarizing content creator has sparked a buzz across social media platforms after triumphantly winning the prestigious “Social Media Star of the Year” award on an international stage.

Kibe, known for his outspoken and contentious views on life, took to his largely followed X account to share the good news with his supporters and critics.

He posted a picture of him holding the trophy, and some expensive drink accompanied by a cryptic caption.

“My class three teacher is where?” a question reserved for the mathematics teachers by Kenyans, and which is taken as a statement directed to people who doubted one’s success.

Kibe’s win comes as a surprise to many owing to the fact that he has been criticized for his controversial opinions on various societal issues, a factor sited by the YouTube application when they banned his channel.

Him taking the award home has sent ripples across social media, drawing mixed responses from his followers and critics alike.

Some applauded and congratulated Kibe for his achievement while others expressed surprise and even disbelief, given his history of stirring up debates and occasionally courting controversy through his content.

Kibe’s success in clinching the “Social Media Star of the Year” title at an international level has come as a testament to his influence and reach within the online community, despite the divisive nature of his content.

With an extensive following and a knack for sparking discussions, Kibe’s recognition as a social media luminary has rekindled debates regarding the criteria for accolades in the digital realm, raising questions about the impact of controversial content and the parameters of social media stardom.

As Kibe basks in the limelight of this recent win, focus shifts to his ”Graduation” event which is set to take place in December after he jets into the country.

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