Karen Nyamu, a Kenya kwanza nominated senator has given hints at running for state house someday.

The controversial politician caused a stir online after she shared posts from the current President William Ruto and the first lady insinuating that she would occupy either of the coveted posts in the future.

Nyamu posted a screenshot depicting tweets from the head of state and Mama Rachel Ruto where the two had quoted a similar verse to the one, Nyamu had shared earlier.

The mother of three took to her Instagram stating that 57 minutes after she had shared her bible verse the president and the first lady had gone ahead to share the same.

She revealed that she did not believe in coincidences hence she had taken it as a sign that State House was calling.

”57 minutes after I had shared this bible verse in my SM, the president and the first lady went ahead to share the same verse. I don’t believe in coincidences. It’s a sign statehouse is calling” Nyamu captioned.

The bible verse in question hails from plasm 34.8 and it was seemingly the word of the day in all Anglican Churches of Kenya (ACK) where Nyamu and the president worshipped with faithful in different branches of the church.

”Taste and see that the lord is good, blessed is the one who takes refuge in him”

Her post elicited dialogue from fans who wondered who would be the first gentleman if she become president and vice versa.Their fears arose from the senator’s controversial love life which has been of interest to members of the public.

Nyamu went public with her relationship in 2017 and kenyans were not thrilled to learn that her partner was one married kikuyu mugithi star whose stage name is Samidoh.



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