Former Starehe MP Charles Kanyi Njagua aka Jaguar has opened up about his troubled childhood.

His mother and father separated after his father decided to bring in a second wife.

At the time, he was in primary school, and his mother fell ill after moving out of their home, to his grand mother’s place.

At the tender age, the kioo hitmaker was forced to take up menial jobs in a bid to raise money to buy medicine for his mother

“You never know the issues going on between two people. I didn’t judge my father for his actions because I never knew their issues. I don’t know why they couldn’t stand each other. We moved to my grandmother’s as he married. I was in class six, then my mum got seriously ill. I used to leave school to work.

“She got sick after her troubled marriage, but she was okay before that. She sadly died. Mad depression, a lot of fights, I used to leave school to look for small jobs to buy her medicine,” he shared in an interview with a local radio station.

Jaguar also said that at the time, his studies were interrupted regularly due to lack of school fees. He was also forced to repeat classes as he hustled to make ends meet.

“I couldn’t live with my dad. He disappeared a lot from that home as well, and they would tell me they didn’t know where he was. So how can she take in kids that are not hers? It’s not that she hated us, he was also drinking a lot,” he said.

Despite the sad past, Jaguar said that he wouldn’t mind marrying another wife.

“I’m married and my wife is very supportive, but I would marry another one. She is well taken care of and I’m certain she wouldn’t mind if I got another wife,” he said.

The musician-cum-politician is has several children from different baby mamas.


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