Famous musician turned politician, Charles Njagua, better known as Jaguar is on the spotlight following his controversial iPhone Street Kenya shop, which has received several complaints from his customers.

The shop, which is shrouded in controversy has come to the attention of netizens, as it is renowned for its wide range of apple products.

The shop is being accused for selling ageing and refurbished iPhones at the price of brand-new ones. The company has received high endorsements from top influencers and celebrities and notorious iPhone giveaways .This has enabled it to gain attention in the social media platforms.

Kenyans started sharing their view points and experiences after news came out that the company was peddling old and refurbished iPhones at the price of brand new ones.

One X, formerly tweeter user shared another customer’s experience and dissatisfaction.

Other customers shared their experiences on TikTok. The customer who upon his investigations found out that his device was originally sold by Apple as a Product Red device but had been refurbished and presented to him in a new Starlight body.

According to Nairobi News, a Product Red device, in the context of iPhones and other Apple products, is a special edition product created in partnership with (RED), a charitable organization that aims to combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases in Africa.  When you purchase a Product Red device, a portion of the proceeds from the sale goes directly to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

Jaguar has taken responsibility of the scandal and issued issued a statement regarding the controversial issues.

“As the director of @iphone_streetkenya, it is quite unfortunate that some of our clients have experienced dissatisfaction. I have taken a personal initiative and take full responsibility for what happened. I commit to establishing a new customer service team for clear product information and dispute resolution to mitigate any issues moving forward,” he said.

He however did not respond to the claims that the refurbished phones might be also stolen.

Fans went crazy on his Instagram account.

njambifever commented on Instagram,”Nawapigia makofi eh,makofi eh,ni matapeli matapeli.”

njurukevin also commented,”Nikihustle nibuy iPhone wananigeuzia.Kigeugeu.”


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