Bien Aime-Baraza of the now defunct popular boy Band Sauti Sol has shared his thoughts on why band members split just at a time when their career is at the peak.

According to him, that happens because the members don’t want to overstay.

For the case of Sauti Sol, Bien said that their separation was due to the fact that members needed to explore new interests.

“That’s the right time to bounce. You don’t want to stay around for too long, people used to you. It’s not even about  that, we didn’t bounce because we didn’t want to overstay, we just bounced because you need a new job after doing the same job for 20 years. You need a new job, a new challenge and we just got to a point in our lives where we were getting a bit complacent and we wanted to try something new,” he said during the In My Opinion podcast.

Bien noted that tSauti sol members are still involved with each other, despite taking the break of working as a band.

“I am writing for everybody, they are producing for me  we are working together still but it’s just  a season for me to be a different me,” he said.

The artist further said that the decision to split was collective and they had been to therapy for a very long time in preparation of it.

“We actually went to therapy sessions for a long time like two years. Taking us through the moment, the separation, people don’t expect black boys to do that shi*. People always expect group to end in animosity , we are too classy guys, we had therapy sessions we had  a life coach is shared, the group coach, we discussed this season of our lives  nd we know that there would be another glorious Sauti So season later,” he said.


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