Mama Dangote has expressed sad remarks after revealing that she has been urging her son Diamond to tie the knot but all efforts she described have hit a brick wall.

She wondered whether her son may have been unfortunate when it comes to matters of the heart.

In spite being a powerhouse in creating banger bongo tunes Dangote’s love life has been a whirlwind that saw him being dragged into the limelight with controversial reveals from his baby mamas and lovers. Tanasha Donna, Zari Hassan , Wema Sepetu and others who he dated for a short stretch have been fodder for gossip.

This predicament has Mama Dangote worried which he opened up in a one on one interview in Wasafi FM. Mama Dangote revealed that everyday she urges her son to marry and even sends friends and his siblings to convince him to settle down.

“Natamani mwanangu Diamond aoe hata kama ni sasa hivi ila lakini huenda yeye hajafanikiwa kupata ama labda mwenyezi mungu hajampa ubavu wake ila kila siku namwambia mwanangu Naseeb oa mpaka wakati mwingine nawatuma marafiki na dada zake waongee naye,” she said.

Diamond and his WCB wasafi signee Zuchu have since been rumored to be have a romantic entanglement after  being seen cozying up to each other on numerous occasions, however their ship seems to have hit rough waters when Diamond’s son Naseeb Junior who he sired with Tanasha Donna endeared them to the masses as a couple again. This was heightened when Tanasha surprised Mama Dangote with lovely birthday gifts.

“Mama, something small for not keeping my promise. I hope you like it! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MOM! MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU ALWAYS. Love, T,” Tanasha’s birthday card read.

The Birthday gifts included a bouquet of flowers and expensive skin care products which got Mama Dangote elated and joyous.


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