Mulamwah has opened up on the recent ceremony that went on at his bestie Ruth K’s rural home.

According to him, he had just visited the place but bestie’s family overreacted by setting up a huge ceremony.

Mulamwah said that that was the first time he was visiting the home and that is why he was not in the company of celebrity friends and colleagues.

“I just went to visit but bestie’s place because she visited our home. I went at their place as a friend but they overreacted. I arrived and was shocked, they had cooked, set up tents and it became a big ceremony. I didn’t expect it to be that big. When you go to a place you have never been, you can’t go with everyone because it’s your first time. Once you arrive and see that it is a nice place then you can invite people next time, if there will be,” he said in an interview with Vincent Mboya and Trudy Kitui.

Mulamwah however declined to set the record straight if Ruth K is actually expecting his baby. According to him, her appearance at the event was as a result of substandard tailoring. He also couldn’t confirm whether she was expecting or not.

“Ni fundi wa kitenge kuna uzi hapo haikuwa imekazwa vizuri.  wasee walikuwa wanaona ni kama ako tofauti lakini ni  nguo. Zilifanya kushonwa haraka. Kuna mahali ile material inawekwanga ndani imewekwa mingi. Sasa mimi sijui hio ni kazi yake na chali yake sasa siweziingilia mambo yake na chali yake. Akiamua kusema siku moja am not part of that. Hio ni yake kuamua ni private life yake,” the comedian said.

On settling down, Mulamwah said he would at the time God has planned but he is currently focusing on making a living.

“Mi nakuanga single full time,” he claimed.

A question was also brought up about his daughter Keilah, and Mulamwah began coughing profusely. It is not clear whether he did that to dodge the question or if it was genuine.

In the end he asked, “Bado anaitwa hivyo?”


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