Actress Jackie Matubia is living her best life in Thailand.

Matubia left the country with her best friend Wanjiru who was celebrating her birthday for a vacation.

As usual whenever she is on vacation, Jackie has been updating her fans each and every of there daily activities.

While in Thailand, she however engaged her fans who had been keenly following her  trip.  The fans had so many questions about the trip but one choose to go off the subject and decided to ask her what her body count is.

“Ati what is  my body count. In what? Hio inaingiana wapi na trip yangu?” she responded to the question.

Another fan asked how the cost of things are in the Asian country as compared to Kenya.

“Do you want to compare anything to Kenya surely? Huku clothes are very affordable. Food is so affordable. Vitu kama soda ndio we found very expensive,” the mother of two said.

Aside from visiting statues of iconic people like Beyoncé, Marc Zuckerberg, Michael Jackson, greatest Physicist of all times among others, Jackie and her friend also visited a temple. One of the fans however wondered why Jackie worshipped the Buddha.

“I was not worshipping an idol I was just respecting the fact that wherever we were the Buddha was there and you need to respect people’s culture and what people believe in ,” she responded.


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At the same time she also admitted that it was shard for her to try Thai food.

“I wanted to do a YouTube video trying out there food, street food, tuliona hadi nyoka, nimeshindwa, harufu tu, nilitapika,” she said.

She also denied claims that the trip was sponsored by Premier Grand Tours.

“I personally paid for the trip for both of us for Wanjiru and I because it was a gift from me to her for her birthday I paid full and Premier Grand Tours , I will put receipts here. The reason why I am marketing Premier Grand is because they have employed me to market for them. Let’s get that straight. Bangok package is $1900(5 days and4 nights) depending  on the dates and how many people you are and the rules and also depending on the flight. We paid Ethipian Airlines becaue KQ hawakuwa wamerudi kufly. KQ wamerudi on 21st and we were flying on 17th,” she set the record straight.

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